Pick Ya Poison

To be savvy is to know and understand something. So…
Savvy Up
A poison a day makes you smarter for tomorrow.

All About Coal Seam Gas Mining


Responding to our farmers Call to Country by raising public awareness regarding the tragedy happening in rural Australia.


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The science is NOT in!!


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The legal cocaine.

T-treaty trinity

Taking Power from the People

TISA =  Trade In Services Agreement
TTP = Trans pacific Partnership
TTIP = Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

What is Money?

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The fiat currency SCAM.

The Australian Constitution

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Is being legislated away by corrupt politicians who are feathering their own nest by allowing big business to sway the governmental process.

Know your rights
under Common Law

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The legal system under which we live is a scam.  Common law over rules all other laws.  This is being ignored during the legal process.