The Awakening is Real


The awakening is real.

Over the last few years the internet has enabled a cross reference of research that has never occurred before in history. Information that has previously been kept cloistered is now available to anyone who is willing to put in the hours to find and digest it.

What has emerged from all these wonderful researchers painstaking work is a picture of global manipulation and corruption in the highest levels of Governments and Corporate Powers.

People Power

A deep anger is beginning to surge around the world. People demanding answers to questions that have long been swept under the carpet. People taking control back from puppet politicians who are so out of touch with the realities of life they might just as well live on Mars.

New independent and minor party politicians with fresh ideas are beginning to be elected into prominent positions of influence. The era of two party politics and career politicians is coming to an end. One thing any Government fears is a politically aware population. It requires them to be upfront and transparent in their dealing. Never forget. We the People elect our politicians. They work for Us.

People are switching off their TVs and tuning into truth right across the world. Mainstream Media only report what they are allowed to report. Given that most western media corporations are all owed by the same few people it is easy to understand why they all report the same thing. They all read the same official Establishment script.

Everywhere you look, shoppers are turning away from big supermarkets and the toxic rubbish they sell and are instead supporting their local farmers. Supporting local business keeps the profit in your region. I don’t know about you but I’m sick of seeing unemployment figures grow while we continue to support big corporations that have not only taken our jobs but are quietly taking all the profit too.

The redistribution of wealth away from western countries is alarming. Our once stable and prosperous economies are been plunged into chaos as manufacturing is moved off shore and our countries resources are sold off to the highest overseas bidder. This isn’t something that has just happened. It has been going on for quite a few years as the insidious plans of the Elite Power Groups of the world are put into play. Risk and Monopoly all rolled into one in a Game of Thrones where resources and the good of the corporation far out way the good of mankind or the planet we all inhabit.

There are so many problems facing the world today that it is far easier to shrug it off and stay asleep sucking on that blue pill of blissful oblivion. For those of you who have landed here and are over it already you need to stop and pause a moment. Ask yourself, and be honest in your answers…

Do you see a fruitful, peaceful future for your children and their children?

Do you believe that by continuing to ignore the problems they will go away?

It only takes a relatively small percentage of the population to tip the scales of change. The revolution starts in the mind. Learn all you can and pass that information onto the next generation. When you walk the walk and talk the talk you are teaching by example.

The awakening is Real… and it can only result in change.

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