Agenda 21 – A Plan For The 21st Century


People in the process of ‘Waking Up’ are constantly bombarded with references to Agenda 21. Where does it fit in the big picture?

If you are going to do the research on something you owe it to yourself to try and understand both sides and this is something that I try to do. I guess that makes me a skeptic. And that’s ok. It means I wont just follow blindly.

I wanted to understand why Agenda 21 is being blamed for so much of the woes in this world. So I immersed myself in a lot of other peoples research. There are some awesome sites out there. I have listed a few below. As you do your own research you will see that UN Agenda 21 is being implemented all over the world at the local level. On the surface it all looks very rosy – the right thing to do e.t.c. But when you look deeper a sinister trail starts to emerge.

So this is my understanding of what Agenda 21 is all about and why it is so demonized. I don’t pretend to be an expert. I’m just a regular person so if you find mistakes in my take on it all feel free to check me – but please be nice about it…

The United Nations Sustainable Development Plan for the 21st Century – AGENDA 21

I have to say that on face value the ideology behind Agenda 21 is admirable and I would like to believe that the 178 countries that signed it in Rio de Janerio in 1992 did so in good faith. This was the first time that so many countries had come together and agreed on a plan of action to combat the growing environmental problems.

Agenda 21 was a voluntary, non-binding agreement. Agenda 21 itself is not a treaty. It was left up to individual governments to implement the sustainable development plans laid out in Agenda 21. If you want to know what all those different plans are, do a search on Agenda 21. Needless to say the plans cover everything. Every aspect of living. EVERYTHING. I probably should mention here that over population was the major concern for the future And that population control was the number one priority. Umm, Vaccines…

In 1997 (Rio+5) the UN General Assembly called a special session to appraise the status of Agenda 21. It was recognised that progress was uneven and that the environment had continued to deteriorate. It was also recognised that developing countries could not implement the changes outlined in the Agenda 21 plan quickly enough due to financial, industrial and technological restrictions. Therefore more must be done by the industrially developed countries to assist the developing world. Trade doors needed to be widened and the private sector should be encouraged to bring new industry to these developing areas. And UN said ‘ Let there be Free Trade Agreements’. How many of you remember when the dollar dropped out of the car market due to cheap imports?

Maybe if everyone had played by the rules (I mean the moral rules of helping each other in order to better the world for everyone), Agenda 21 might have worked. We might have been able to halt the continued deterioration of this civilization. But greed reared its ugly head yet again. For the Big Corporations this meant new markets, access to more resources and for the Banks….well I’m sure I’ll get to them at a later date and place.

So in 2002 (Rio+10) The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation affirmed full implementation of Agenda 21. Multilateralism is the Future. Someone explain this for me. I think it means ‘lots of small countries joining together to have their voice heard against the bigger, richer countries’. Or it could mean Banks lending large amounts of monies to poor developing countries that cant afford to pay it back and so forcing the these countries to make deals with the richer ones or Big Corporations. Yeah. That sounds about right.

Moving right along… 2012 (Rio+20) marked twenty years of Agenda 21. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development was again held in Rio de Janerio. 180 countries re-affirmed their commitment to Agenda 21 in their document called “The Future We Want”. It should be noted that the US, UK and German leaders did not attend this conference due to ongoing financial problems. Agenda 21 caused mayhaps?? That would be the redistribution of wealth currently being implemented.

So if you haven’t worked it out yet – here it is;

Agenda 21 has been hijacked by mankind’s oldest enemy. It’s even possible, nay probable that this enemy proposed Agenda 21 as an acceptable front through which to steer their true agenda. Global Domination – A One World Government – The New World Order. Same cat different stripes. Why do I call them mankind’s oldest enemy? Because these Parasites have been steering humanity down the wrong path, their path, for a very, very long time.

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

“Great men are almost always bad men.”

Lord John Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton (1834-1902)


I’ve only listed a few here. There are thousands of really great sites out there. Most are started by ordinary people like you and me. People who are trying to get the word out. You will never get this information on MSM (Main Stream Media) They aren’t permitted to report the truth. Can you even begin to imagine what will happen to these criminals when enough people do their own research and find the truth? – it is out there.

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