The Duality Of Our Problem


The Duality Of Our Problem

Humanity is being assaulted from two sides.  Natural and Man-Made.  The two are intertwined.  As The Corporate Beast rapes and pillages the Earths bounty the devastation left behind is taking its toll.  The gulf stream has been altered which has affected ocean temperatures which in turn has disrupted the weather patterns.  We have no seasons any more.  Crops are failing. It’s a great big knock-on effect.  We are past the tipping point and anyone who tells you different is either brain dead or lying to you!
SU - Duality Poem

Our primary waters are being contaminated.  Deforestation has left the land barren and subject to erosion. Radioactive contamination from industrial accidents, waste leakage and weapons testing is just compounding our problems.  The ongoing Fukushima event is killing the Pacific Ocean.  But they don’t tell you that.  ‘Oh, they’re building an ice wall’ – yeah, that’ll do it!  Nothing to see here.  Move along.

Our political system is a joke.  Two Party Politics has got to go. The corruption in Government is rife at all levels. Conflicts of Interest between Political and Corporate entities is so blatant that only a population so dulled down could let it continue. The Government is supposed to represent the Will of its People.  Instead we have Laws imposed upon Us.  We have been so indoctrinated into the Nanny State psychology that we welcome laws that curtail our freedoms so that the State can better protect Us. And to pay for that ‘protection’ we are quietly indoctrinated to Pay More Taxes and Work Longer Hours and Get Less For Our Hard Earned Dollar!

Our planet is undergoing great changes.  The mainstream media shows us these as isolated incidents but when you look at the big picture is it obvious to anyone with a brain that there are forces at work that are beyond the technologies of humanity to halt. Tectonic activity has increased dramatically in the last ten years.  Mass animal die-offs, especially fish, indicate that something is very wrong with the oceans.  Deep sea creature are being washed ashore.   Large areas of the Arctic circle are melting which is causing the release of Methane into the atmosphere at a rate not seen before.

So help WAKE UP the multitudes.  We have to win this battle or we loose this planet, our home.

  If you think these parasites that seek to control everything are going to save us you are deluding yourself.

They don’t want billions of mouths to feed.

They need just enough of us to get the work done.

Our children need us to be strong and purposeful in the times ahead.

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