I’m A Caravaner And Proud Of It!


I have been a member of Caravan to Midnight since it started in Feb 2014.  I was a big fan of John B. Wells when he was hosting Saturday nights on that other show.  When he got ‘let go’ at the beginning of the year it was a no-brainer for me to follow. Not being a Woo Woo person either I’m with John on this.  Show us solid evidence of a Bigfoot then we’ll talk.  Not saying they aren’t out there but I think there are a few more pressing issues that deserve our collective energies.

John B. is awesome.  His lovely rich voice is pure pleasure to my ears.  But it’s his uncensored, unscripted, no holds barred opinion of the ‘state of affairs’ that really has me hooked.  Even though I live in Australia I find most of his insights to be just as relevant to life here down under.  He calls a spade a spade which is refreshing in this era of political correctness.

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I listen to Caravan To Midnight a lot.  My work keeps me constantly moving and I don’t really have to interact with many people so John and his wonderful guests keep me company.  I do so love it when John reads the News.  His smooth voice changes add a humorous dimension to the serious stuff he discusses.

Now in its 5th month John said just recently that membership was now in the tens of thousands. I find that encouraging.  That’s tens of thousands of people who have access to ‘Truths’ regarding the corruption and manipulation of governments, corporations and organisations all around the world.

Everything that is happening in America is happening in Australia too.  They disarmed us in 1997 after the Port Arthur Massacre.  I wish more Australians would look into this event.  Maybe then they would sit up and take notice of the BS that surrounds us.

So John if you’re reading this – I salute You.  Keep it coming.  When the brown stuff hits the fan at least some of us will have made ready for whats to come…

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