I’m so sick of BIG


BIG BANKERS own BIG OIL and BIG PHARMA who own BIG Agriculture, BIG Mining, BIG Tourism, BIG Shopping Malls, BIG Sport, BIG Franchise Retail and any other BIG I can’t think of right now.

But heres the shocker, BIG BANKERS own ALL POLITICS and so control the MILITARY too.

Does this worry you?  It scares the hell out of me.  But then I don’t listen to MSM.

The BIGs own Mainstream Media (MSM) who serve their masters faithfully. They indoctrinate the population through TV, Movies, Radio and Advertising.  Anything that the BIGs want you to know is presented through media propaganda.

Every aspect of our lives are owned and controlled by these BIG Corporations who’s only concern is the bottom line – their profit over the welfare of the planet, you, and anything else that stands in their way.

For at least the last 75 years Big Commercial entities have been successfully lobbying all the major political players across the globe. Getting laws passed and trade agreements signed that benefit the advancement of Big Corporate Profit. It has been a slow, innocuous advancement of Corporation rights at the expense of human rights.

But the multitudes are awakening.  A shift in consciousness is taking place that scares the BIGs.  They are tightening their grip.  Boundaries are shifting.  Alliances are changing.  A new era of Us verses Them is emerging.  Can We win?  I think so.  I hope so.  If We don’t win, this planet will change beyond recognition.  How long can we survive as a civilization?

What will it take to turn this around?

What will it take to put the control of our Nations back into the safe keeping of the people who live there?

When the need for food drives the moral man to do the unthinkable will we remember enough of the old ways to get by?  Will we still be trusting enough to work in small cohesive groups?  Or will we just scramble to rebuild the beast responsible for the changes upon us?

I am so sick of BIG.

Support Alternative News sites.  What they are reporting is far closer to the truth than what you are being spoon fed through the mainstream media propaganda machines.

The national media should be reporting unbiased facts on their news and current affairs programs.  In reality their bias leans to whichever BIGs are sponsoring them i.e. advertising in prime time-slots.

Get involved at all levels of government.

From Local to Federal level they are passing laws that are pushing people off the land to make way for BIG Corporations to move in.  Resources are being sold off or put under long term lease to these international conglomerates.  They provide a few jobs but the profit goes off shore and our Government is grovelling to them.  Begging them to come.  Paying them to come.

Trade agreements are being signed in secrecy.  Why?  How does exporting our resources only to buy it back made into something to buy help us?

Our people have no jobs because the BIG corporations destroyed our local manufacturing then took the jobs off-shore.  How can we pay for the something if we have no money?  Surely it makes more sense to rebuild manufacturing – it worked for Putin and Russia.

Get rid of the two party political system.  It’s rigged.  Labor/Liberal, Democrat/Republican, Tory/Conservative, and all the others that I can’t name. They are all two sides of the same coin.  Owned and subservient to the BIGs that put them there.

There are only 3 ways that I can think of to change the political system:57670_600

  1. Vote them out.
  2. Civil war.
  3. Collapse of civilization – war, economic crash, global epidemic or some external influence i.e. solar flare, impact, invasion.

Given the choices I vote for 1.  Less painful and messy!

VOTE for Independents or Minor Parties at your next election.  Help to get rid of these career politicians.  They are so out of  touch with the common folk.  They are all either bankers or lawyers or accountants.  They think corpocracy.  They have been indoctrinated to think that way!

They are not doing what is right for the country and the people who elected them.  They are working for The Man.  The UN and it’s Agenda 21 is steering the policies of governments all over the world.  Encouraging trade agreements, imposing sanctions and starting civil wars in the countries that try to resist them.

The New World Order isn’t coming – it is here already.  Only the finishing locks need be put into place.  Disarm ALL peoples everywhere.  Militarize local law enforcement.  Put all military personnel into UN Blue and have them keep the peace in the 10 Zones of the world that are in the making.

BIG has got to go!

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