Social-Lites. All The Sensations Of Smoking Without The Harmful Smoke.


Alright, so who’s still inhaling hot toxic smoke from cigarettes?

I was a packet+  a day smoker for nearly 38 years.
I have had countless failed attempts at quitting over the years.

But, I don’t smoke those toxic things anymore.

I found a better way…

I love to smoke but my body just wont allow me to do it anymore.   My bouts of coughing were becoming painful and my fitness level was dismal.  A regular flight of stairs was a breathing challenge.

 I’m regular hardworking folk.  Got my own business.  Working hard to own it.  Time off for anything even sickness is a costly exercise.  So it was important that I didn’t get sick.

Those cigarettes had to go!

It’s hard enough to break a habit you don’t want anymore. It is extremely hard to give up something you like and enjoy.

Bravo. My hat is off to all those strong-willed people out there who managed what for me had been an impossible task.

One day I came across the Social-Lites website.  I had tried a few over the counter eCigs.  They were ok but not something I was prepared to trade the real thing for, even though they were killing me.

I had a good look around the site. I compared them with other makes and models available.  They seemed pretty good value to me and I was impressed with the design.

What the hell.  My cough was keeping me awake at night. What I was doing to myself was sheer stupidity?  Here I am trying to learn how to eat healthy and distance myself from the chemicals in today’s products and I’m pumping my body full of toxic smoke every day.   STUPID, STUPID, BEYOND STUPID!

So I bought the Social-Lite Premium Starter Kit.

Best investment I ever made. 

  • My cough has gone.
  • My sense of smell is getting better
  • That flight of stairs is not so hard any more

Best of all – I can smoke whenever I want to.
There is no second-hand smoke and no offensive smell.
All the sensations of smoking without the harmful smoke.\

For me, nicotine wasn’t the problem.  It is the inhaling and the feel of the cigarette in my hand. Social-Lites Premium Starter Kit eCig offers both those important aspects for me.  Social-Lites eCig also produces lots of vapor, the batteries last well and the case is a smart design.  You can charge your spent battery in the case then charge the case when you get back home.  Too easy!!

Another bonus to Social-Lites  – most excellent flavors!!

 How about Cherry, Vanilla, Coffee Latte, Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps as well as SL1 (Tobacco/Caramel), Tobacco Red, Tobacco Gold and Menthol.

Whatever your reason for not quitting is, I bet that Social-Lites can help you switch from smoking to vaping which is a much healthier alternative. There are no toxic chemicals being inhaled but the sensation of inhaling is very real.

The eCig revolution will free all those who are slave to their unhealthy addiction of inhaling hot toxic smoke.

I was sold before I finished checking the site out.  Bet you will be too.

The Future of Smoking is Here
Social-Lites Electronic Cigarettes

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