Venturing Down The Rabbit Hole


The Awakening is not all doom and gloom. It’s exciting and frightening. It’s intoxicating. It’s addictive. It is life changing.

Down the Rabbit Hole

I started my journey, my quest for knowledge a few years ago when I realized the clock was ticking and if I didn’t make some significant changes in my life I was going to become a casualty of this toxic civilization. What started out as an investigation into better eating habits and foods that help prevent disease has turned into a trek of discovery that, for me, has been better than any movie Hollywood could possibly put out there.

Oh the rabbit hole goes so, so deep. When you journey down it everything changes. People laugh at ‘conspiracy theorists’ but I tell you, there are things we are not being told. Important things. Thank Heaven for the Internet. Without it we would all still be ignorant of the crimes being perpetuated against us.

Matrix Hole

From here you can go in so many directions it is mind boggling. Every ‘hole’ will take you on a journey of discovery. You will be horrified. You will get angry, confused, lost and then more angry. But eventually you will realize that all the holes end up in the same place.

That is where we need to focus our anger if we are ever to be free of the yoke that is being tightened around our necks.

‘All roads lead to Rome’, or so they say. I think the saying applies to ‘holes’ as well.

So I invite you to journey with me as I pass on the knowledge I have gained while bunny hopping around the net.

The information presented here comes from many different sources. My ramblings reflect my understanding at the time of writing. Like all journeys there are new discoveries along the way. Connecting the dots is the hardest part to all of this but it is also the most rewarding. When a new piece of the puzzle slips into place it’s one of those woohoo moments.

Rabbit Hole 101  will take you wherever your bunny feet wish to go.  Use the knowledge you gain to help teach the sleeping multitudes.SU - Rabbit Hole 350x304

Time is running out.  We must win this war or future generations will be living in a vastly different world than the one we have today.

  • A world without great forests or clean oceans.
  • A world where the only animals left are those on display.
  • A world where our food is just concocted chemical infused edible plastic.  Just add your favorite flavor.
  • A world where your every move is watched and scrutinized.  Privacy will no longer exist.
  • A world where our children are designed and our elderly are terminated.
  • A world where the Elites live in great country estates and giant space-stations while the worker masses are huddled in overcrowded cities.

I don’t want to live there.  Do you?

Rabbit Hole 101

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