Another Breach of Corporate Trust


Mount Polley Mine Tailings Pond Breach.

This is the price the world pays for a civilization that does nothing but take,take,take.  I am disgusted to be apart of it.

When are the people of the world going to wake up and put a stop to these evil companies that put profit before everything else.
We dont need to have new everything all the time. Cant people understand that they are being played!

These useless politicians that keep getting voted in are so in bed with these corporations that its getting hard to tell them apart. I seriously doubt if there has been a fair election held anywhere in the last 50 years.

 Stop voting for these corrupt puppets.

These corporations should not have the rights that they do.

They should not be protected like they are.
Start demanding that these soulless companies be held accountable.
Send the CEOs to jail and strip them of their assets then maybe the rest will start taking responsibility for the companies that pay them obscene salaries.
This planet is the only home We the People have.
Time to clean house!

We must DEMAND a different approach.



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