9/11 fallout – 13 years on


I am an avid fan of John B. Wells show Caravan to Midnight.  I haven’t missed a show yet and most get quite a few replays.  Episode 131 on 15 Sept 14 kinda left me with a bad taste in my mouth and just between you and me I think it did John too.

Amnesty for killing 3000 + people?

I don’t think so Mr Brown
I’m not even from America but I think that is the worse idea I have heard – ever!
911 Memorial Wall of Photos
The people responsible for the 9/11  attack/demolition job should be hunted down and prosecuted.  They should be stripped of their assets and placed on some uninhabitable little hell island never be given a second thought again.

This is what happens when crimes like this go unpunished for such a long time.  Life goes on.  People adapt.  The rage felt at the time is diluted and redirected.

The people who did this know that.  We are still being played.

It is the Kennedy Assassination all over again. Evidence says one thing.  Government says another – MSMs sell their soul to keep their shareholders happy.

How many companies own all the media now?  Six.   6 companies telling us what to eat, wear, think, love, hate.

This is a good read about the those 6 – Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read

I know here in Australia Murdoch’s (News Corp) influence in our media is so blatant its laughable but sadly for the majority of sheople they don’t even know they are being lied to.

Stepping back aboard the Caravan we  got to meet Frank ‘Wolf’ Connell in Episode 135 . Now he was a breath of fresh air.  A New York, New Yorker who was right there on the ground when the 1st plane hit.  His testimony has helped put a lot of things into perspective for me.

Follow the money.  It’s the same old mantra no matter what rabbit hole you dive down.  And everyone of them ends in the same place.

Examine the Evidence 9/11 Truth

I think it is very important that 9/11 continue to be investigated until the truth is revealed and the people responsible dealt to.  9/11 is a highly visible portion of a festering pustule of corruption that has complete disregard for human life.  We are of no consequence to these people. We are pawns on a chess board. Told what to eat, wear, think, watch, love, hate, kill ….

The fallout from the 9/11 tragedy is still unfolding.  And the death toll is rising.

  • Many people who were there that day and for the many days afterwards are now suffering all sorts of medical issues.  The dust cloud that hung over New York that day was full of Asbestos and a multitude of other carcinogenics from the ‘stuff’ that made up the cloud.
  • The Middle-East is in absolute turmoil because 1st the US went in there. Then 2nd the US withdrew.  Ok – I know there is much, much more to it than that – but that’s it in a nut shell.
  • Trust between Nations is at an all time low because everyone is spying on everyone else.  Why is this a surprise to people?  Us common folk have known it for years.
  • The global economy is teetering on the brink of collapse and all the puppet politicians are racing around the world doing deals and fighting wars like a pack of hyenas squabbling over the carcass.

I don’t think the perpetrators of 9/11 come from any one country or religion.  And I don’t think these people deserve the protection of a country or a religion either.

They should be dragged before a world court and condemned for all to see as the traitors they are.  Said World Court would have to be elected by the people and the candidates would have to be thoroughly screened.  They have tendrils everywhere.  They influence the government, the justice system, the police department, and of course the Military.  I’m not just referring to the US here either.  The infiltration is global.

The same They that orchestrated 9/11 are also responsible for most if not all the other evils in this world. They own the world.

They have access to ancient knowledge that They have deliberately wiped from the collective subconscious.  They have steered mankind down a path of destruction.

They have had no checks and balances for a very long time and We have a lot of catching up to do if We are going to win.

The Internet is a gift to humanity.  Whether They introduced it or not the Internet has become the instrument of Their destruction.  The wisdom of the World is once again at Our disposal and We the people are angry.

When the tipping point is reached the explosion of awakening will resound around the globe.  Watch out They – We’re coming for you.

Here is an excellent Article by Cosmic Convergence 28 Sept 14 – 9/11 TRUTH GOES NUCLEAR: Massive Download In Progress…It’s time to wake up – before they do it to us again!!!




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