Attention Queensland! We need your support…


People’s Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014

This Bill was tabled in the Upper House chamber of Queensland State Parliament on August 14, 2014 by Coal Free Wide Bay Burnett and Beyond spokeswoman, Vicki Perrin.

The Bill is scheduled for debate at parliament by the people on the evening of Tuesday  28th October 2014 and then voted on in a community referendum.

Queensland   We need your support!

This Bill is for you.    To protect your rights.

  1. Your right to say “No”
  2. Your right to have good health, a livelihood and the quiet enjoyment of your home.
  3. Your right to our common heritage – the land, water and clean air.
  4. Your right to object and to have your objection heard.
  5. Your right to clean politics.
  6. Your right to be represented in Parliament.
So why is it important for you to support this Bill ?

It is important that the people of Queensland wake up to the fact that their government is selling them out.  The encroachment of mining into our prime agricultural lands and our National Parks is happening at an alarming rate.  This invasion is being encouraged and protected by our state govt who is passing laws to remove the right of We The People to object.

We are bombarded with (state) mining propaganda telling us about the job creations and how good it is going to be for Queensland.  Pretty photos of mining and farming co-existing in harmony are presented for our glorification.  THEY ARE LYING TO US.

The Fracking Insanity of it all makes my head hurt.

The swing away from LNP across the country is far greater than popular MSM polling indicates.  Of course they’ll never let you know that – truth isn’t part of Murdochs plan

Can you  even remember when there has been a more disgustingly corrupt and vile government as we currently endure?  Roll on the elections.  The comic value alone of watching these cockroaches get well and truly squished is gonna be great.

These career politicians do not have the peoples best interests at heart.  They are there to feather their own nests.  If they happen to do some good along the way, well I’m fairly convinced they would be taking the credit for someone else’s hard work.

This Bill is important to everyone in Queensland because it highlights the institutionalised corruption in mining in QLD.  It exposes the steps taken by the QLD State Government to weaken and undermine community rights.  This government is selling the states assets out from underneath us while amending laws to ensure we can’t fight them.

There is no over-sight.  Queensland does not have an Upper House.  There is no-one/nothing to prevent this state government from doing what its doing – killing us.

Time to make a Stand Queensland.  If you want a viable state for your children and their children you have to act NOW.

Make the commitment  to learn about the most concerning issues of our time.  It doesn’t have to be coal seam gas mining but I hope you will take a look at the wealth of information available so that you can see through the spin we are fed.

Here is a really good article from Independent Australia from back in December 2013.  How the Queensland Government fracked the State.

Lock The Gate Alliance is a national coalition of people from across Australia who are uniting to protect our common heritage – our land, water and communities – from unsafe or inappropriate mining for coal seam gas and other fossil fuels.

Are you aware that more than half of Australia is covered by coal and gas mining titles and applications.  We need a Royal Commission into the regulation of coal and gas mining in Australia before it is too late.

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