Can Water Help Bridge The Disconnect Between City And Country In Queensland?


For along time I have struggled to find a cause that I could connect with directly.  I have spent quite a few years becoming fully awake to the state of the State so to speak.  Those rabbit holes shoot off in so many different directions that I would get lost for days being blindsided by revelations that I wish I had left alone.  Once the veil of that dratted rabbit hole is pierced the World is never quite the same. I sometimes wish I didn’t know what I know but to go through life believing a lie seems way more cruel to me.

So Secret Societies, Aliens, Nibiru, Banksters and all those dastardly  topics aside I have decided to focus my energies on the unbelievable disaster that unrestrained coal seam gas and shale gas mining is causing in Queensland and as an aside in my spare time i’m going to dream up ways to get rid of those obnoxious Supermarkets.  Yes they’re convenient but at what cost?  Later…

Back to Coal Seam Gas and my reason for getting involved.

Lock The Gate Alliance has its work cut out for it rallying the people of Brisbane to support the Our Call to Country campaign to restrict the inappropriate coal and gas mining that is devastating farming communities across the State.

There is a definite disconnect between city and country people.  During normal times this difference between regions adds to the diversity of our culture but in times of trouble this disconnect can become a real hindrance.

Ask a City dweller where the food and water comes from and the immediate answer is supermarket and tap.  Of course, given time to consider the question i’m sure a townie could elaborate on the answer and extend it out to, well, the market and the town water supply.

Great Artesian BasinI doubt that any townie would consider that contamination of the Great Artesian Basin from coal seam gas mining would affect a change in their water supply.  I didn’t.  Where is that Great Artesian Basin anyway?  OH!

So I see here an opportunity to bridge the disconnect and rally the people.  The plight of our farming communities in these gas field areas is becoming dire.  The Government has made no moves to help them in their plight indeed this government has actually passed laws making it harder to protest the actions of these mining companies.

Time is running out for Queensland.  These mining companies have to be brought under control.

There is another plus in this adventure too.  It is an opportunity to seriously point some light into the dirty little political dealings going on behind closed doors.  This Government is filthy and it needs to be exposed.  Don’t let them silence us.  Our power becomes manifest with our resolution to stand together against the darkness.

This movie did it for me.  I hope it has the same affect on you too.

For more information about the fight against these invasive gasfields please visit Lock The Gate.  They are a wealth of information and are working tirelessly to turn this terrible invasion around.

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