Mining Adverts – Don’t Let Them Fool You


I recently got directed to a website sponsored by Australia Pacific LNG called Deeper Questions. In six episodes Darren Lockyer heads back to the Queensland gas fields and to Gladstone to ask the deeper questions about natural gas and the Australia Pacific LNG operation.

This expertly produced SPIN job is a desperate attempt by a failing industry to paint itself in a favorable light.

Shame on you Darren Lockyer.
Just another example of a celebrity selling their soul.
I hope that all the people who have followed your career take note of this betrayal of country.
If the millions of dollars wasted on sport was instead invested in the future of this country
then perhaps the children of the future might still have fields upon which to play.

I suppose because they opened the new mine at Caval Ridge this week, the government and their mining bed fellows felt they needed to show the public how wonderful the mining industry is.  Internet, Radio and TV have been flooded with ‘Look at us.  We are good for you.  We are the future’.

The short-sighted comment from our beloved (NOT!) leader “Coal is good for humanity” is just laughable in the face of the obvious climatic changes that are taking place around the world.

I am going to enjoy watching the current bunch of self serving idiots get flushed at the next elections.  Question is who will replace them?  The current oppositions popularity growth is based on government disapproval not any governance abilities on their behalf. Time for change.  Somewhere out there is a new party with fresh ideas and a leader with the will power to make them happen.

But I digress…

Darren, the questions you asked were not deep enough!

Here is a video that tells the truth.  No pretty sunsets here.  No spotless mines with shiny like new equipment and pristine ponds. This video was made in 2012.  Things have only got worse since.


Here’s a 2011 60 minutes edition – didn’t hear you ask any of these deep questions Darren

I like these because they show how there is very little difference between the parties.  They talk us up pre-election then do whatever pays best once their in.  Two sides of the same coin.


And just to prove that the gas industry has not improved in any way here is a 2014 video full of TRUTHS that certainly ask some pretty deep questions.

Gosh Darren, do you feel foolish yet?

Perhaps the payoff you got for deceiving the people of Australia would be better used by the 1000’s of people trying to stop this unashamed, government sponsored invasion.

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