Mob Rule In The Un-Democratic State Of Queensland


No Entry QLD Parliament

 The Queensland Government has shown their hand. We the People are not welcome at state parliament.

Funny I thought parliament was for the people – my mistake.

 These days it’s just a hangout for bully-boy politicians and their corporate handlers.

The crimes against humanity and the planet that are being committed by mining corporations in Queensland is blatant. And the fact that our government supports these criminal activities is so obvious when you look at the Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Act 2014.

Well Mr Newman, parliament stopped being dignified when you became Leader.  Our meeting will take place regardless of your obvious opposition.  I doubt you will actually attend.  I know you’ve received an invite.  Hell, Everyone knows you have been invited!!  But you wont come.  You only like preaching to the converted.  That’s easy.  They’re already sucker punched.  I’m sure they’ll get over it.

The debate will now be held at the South Brisbane Sailing Club on October 28. where the Peoples Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014 will be debated by the people you are supposed represent.

So Mr Newman, what happened to listening to the voice of the people?

Oh that’s right, they’re not saying the things you want to hear.

People have been protesting coal seam gas and shale gas mining (fracking) for years now. Here and overseas.
There is documented proof,  complete with visuals of the disasters these mining companies create and yet our government (both State and Federal) think more mining is the answer to todays problems.

What planet do these people live on? Can’t possibly be the same one that normal, well adjusted, moral people live on.

Do politicians really believe their own rhetoric? Of course they don’t. But it is important that you do!
These people will go to any lengths to sell the ‘package’ of the day.

When they are in opposition they will promise you the world and get behind as many ‘movements’ as they can. Anything to stick it to the enemy.
But what changes when they get elected? NOTHING!

My previous post in Mining Madness, Mining Adverts – Don’t Let Them Fool You, demonstrates this exact thing.

  • Government.
  • Problem.
  • Different Goverment.
  • Same Problem.
  • Worse Problems.

When do people wake up and realise these career politicians, these corporate puppets, are never going to do the right thing by the people who elect them?

The People of Queensland need to need to start paying attention to what is happening.  Turn off the TV and research coal seam gas mining and Hydraulic Fracturing for shale gas (fracking).  Listen to what the people who live in the gas field areas have to say.  They were there first not the mines.

  • Why isn’t the government listening to these people?
  • Why isn’t the government halting this mining invasion until the concerns of the people are heard?
  • Why is this government so hell bent on selling Queensland off to the highest bidder?

Come along on Tuesday Evening, 28th October, to the South Brisbane Sailing Club and join other concerned citizens to debate the Peoples Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014. 

Peoples Common Rights and Provisions Bill 2014. 

 This Bill is for you.    To protect your rights.

  1. Your right to say “No”
  2. Your right to have good health, a livelihood and the quiet enjoyment of your home.
  3. Your right to our common heritage – the land, water and clean air.
  4. Your right to object and to have your objection heard.
  5. Your right to clean politics.
  6. Your right to be represented in Parliament.


 Support the Bill


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