SuperASIO 1.0


As I live and breath Australia is becoming more like Amerika everyday. The propaganda machine has been in full swing lately – terror this, terror that – and now we have SuperASIO.  Look. Is it a bird? Nope. It’s the new look Australia complete with 24hr surveillance and a gag order for all.

Better get on board with ‘Team Australia’ or big bad ASIO will come and take you away.

‘Never let a good crisis go to waste.’Winston Churchill

So why is everyone so up in arms about the 24hr security stuff?  They have been doing it for years.  The fact that they can track a criminal suspects movements using various security cameras is a big tell.  Oh, but that’s different – that’s to protect us.  Well there is duality in everything and that which can protect you can also do you harm.

In order to protect us from the big bad terrorist we as a nation have allowed our rulers (that’s what they are now) carte blanche powers to search and seize indiscriminately anyone they suspect is a threat.

In Amerika, their returned veterans are now considered a risk.  How long before that happens here?

Here in Queensland we already have no congregating laws – today they are pointed at Biker Gangs.  Tomorrow our esteemed Mr Newman could extend those restrictions out to include ‘unruly’ protesters – there’s no one to stop him.

In Victoria it is now illegal to protest.

In Queensland the right to object to planned projects has been eroded with the passing of the new modernised and harmonised Mineral and Energy Resources (Common Provisions) Act 2014

Our freedoms of speech are being quietly eroded away.  One day we will all wake up with a gag where once we had a voice.

Check out the new SuperASIO Attributes:

  • Fiber Eyes – Active Attack – will have access to your meta-data if they need it.  If they even suspect you might know someone who is under suspicion, your whole life is right there for them to check.
  • Drag Net –  Active Melee – can save tax payers funds by only needing 1 warrant to seize all your ‘devices’ – that would be phone, pad, pc, laptop, cloud drive, external drives.
  • Hush Hush – Passive Buff – allows for whistle-blowers to go to jail for up to 10 years – The truth is what they say it is.
  • Gag Order – Passive Buff – Increases defense during SIO and removes freedom of speech by intimidating journalists with jail terms.
  • Cloak of Immunity –  Active Buff – SIO protection.  Increases defense against illegal actions required during special operations.
  • Fund Booster –  $200 million over 4 years for the War on Terror
Heres a sneaky peek at version 2.0

  • Passive buff – enforced metadata storage for 2 yrs
  • Passive buff – no-go zones
  • + more.  Coming soon


A society that is under constant scrutiny is not free.  Big Brother has been a constant in our lives now for far longer than we realise. It has been a slow, meticulous grooming of society to accept the restraints that are now being put into place.

This is happening all over the world.  Turn off your TV and go looking for the truth.  Our western way of life is under threat.  That threat is not from ISIS or Russia or Aliens.  That threat is from our own Government who is well and truly sleeping with the enemy.

Wake up – you should go listen to those conspiracy theorists – they had it right all along!

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