Why I Have Stopped Using Antiperspirants Containing Aluminium



When I decided to make a conscious move away from supermarkets I chose personal care items as my first list of cross-offs.

I sourced from Australian handmade all natural products – some via the net, some via markets.  My rule is simple – Anywhere Home Grown Is Better Than A Supermarket.

I saw the rise of the supermarket.  I would love to also witness its demise  – oh well I can dream of a reality where small businesses thrive and unique communities are allowed to develop.

There are so many wonderful cottage industries out there that need the support of the local communities if they are to survive. Buying local may cost a little more but at least the profit stays within the community instead of being funneled off shore to feed the corporate beast.

These big multinational conglomerates are so totally entwined that it wouldn’t surprise me at all to find out the the profits from a supermarket are fed into a bigger corporation that is supporting something I am totally against – oh like undeclared wars to grab resources for example.  Just silly speculation on my behalf…

I actually enjoy shopping for my toiletries now – it’s like going to lunch.  Instead of reading a list of unpronounceable ingredients that are on the back of supermarket brands I read a recipe full of  oils and fruits and herbs and yummy smells.  I have fun picking new delicious soaps and creams, shampoos and sprays.  And every time I use my Australian handmade all natural products it makes me happy to know I have supported a local small business.  It also makes me happy to know that I now have a few less toxic nasties entering my body than I did a year ago.

Every little bit helps beat the accumulative effect.

During my research into antiperspirants I came across a lot of chatter about a connection between breast cancer and antiperspirants containing aluminium.

The claim – that increased use in antiperspirants containing aluminium was a contributing factor in the increase in breast cancers, especially in younger women is refuted in many, many posts stating there is no scientific evidence to support it.

Then I came across The Age Of Aluminium – I think the scientific evidence is fairly compelling.

Aluminium, it turns out, is used in far more things than you would think.

I’m not trying to tell you that if you keep using these products you are going to keel over.  Individually none of these products will do much harm.  But when you stop to think of all the things we use and consume on a daily basis a picture of heavy metal build up soon ensues.

So my theory is – cut your exposure to these chemicals where you can.  Eat foods that will help removed these heavy metals.  Look for alternatives.  And most importantly think of your children.  Their exposure to all this harmful stuff comes at a far earlier age than it did for us.  Today our children are bombarded with triple the number of vaccines than was given 20 years ago.  All these vaccines (don’t’ forget the flu shots) contain aluminium.

Breast cancers in men are also on the rise.  Man spray related? – maybe.


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