Corporate Australia – Not For The People


We elect politicians who deliver corporate legislation. We are told that government works for the best interests of the country. But does it?

What is best for the Country? Our government stops here.
What is best for Mankind?
What is best for the Planet?

Whether you believe in man made climate change or not you have agree that resource mining, deforestation and big agriculture are contributing to the downward spiral of our living environment.

The people who run these multi-national corporations don’t care about you and me. They don’t think like we do. We are worker ants to them. Pawns on a chess board. They will manipulate our governments to suit their Agenda and to hell with the consequences.

We, the human race, are the guardians of this planet. Whether you choose to think of yourself as one or not is irrelevant. Our current status as the dominant species forces this responsibility upon us.

Are we that apathetic to the state of affairs that we would rather destroy our home than change our living habits?

It is the duty of every parent to protect, nurture and educate their off-spring. In this way the species can continue. We as thinking, rational beings have taken this one more step – we can imagine. And what we can imagine we can create.

IMO the only way we can beat these huge mega companies is to use the law against them. It’s what they do to us.

We must stand together and demand an entrenched Bill of Rights that will protect Country, Mankind and Planet against the ravages of our industrialization.

Want to break laws and get away with it? Form a company

Is it all right to break laws if you don’t believe in them? Corporate Australia seems to think so.

“Corporate Australia has a strong sense of entitlement these days. Once upon a time big business hid their calls for tax cuts, wage cuts and deregulation behind a veneer of concern with lower prices and greater choice for consumers. These days they just demand that governments commit to a “pro-business agenda”.


David Pocock and Rick Laird at Maules Creek Lock-on


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