Dear Australia….We Did It!


On the 8th of December an Open Letter to Australia was published on the facebook page of Dr David Pascoe BVSc phD OVH Repro

The response to this letter has been absolutely astounding…

Charlie Phillot Dec2014

Heart warming news shows people power does work!

By Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro


Yes, believe it or not – it’s absolutely true!

Charlie Phillott gets his beloved home Carisbrooke Station back not just for Christmas – but forever.

The ANZ Bank has now given Charlie full control of Carisbrooke Station once again and agreed to his conditions and demands to repair all the damage to the homestead and outbuildings, gardens, dams and pumps during the period of his forced removal when the station was left in the hands of the banks.

Charlie called me this afternoon to tell me that he is once again back in control of his beloved station. He said that the ANZ had appointed “a lovely gentleman” to work with him who was ‘deeply caring and understood the situation’ that he” had been forced through.”

He was very happy and positive, and I knew that Charlie – the 2014 Grandfather of our Nation – is standing tall and proud once again.

read the full article here at Real News

Thank you Australia.

This says that We the People will no longer tolerate the actions of governments and big corporations who place profit above all else.

Power To The People!


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  1. ZERO TAX: Tax Office Data reveals how much #tax major Australian corporations pay. There are many multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies that are paying zero tax in Australia. Creative accounting and other tricks involving profit shifting are part of the game. A key point is that the biggest companies involved are our big four banks. They make tens of Billions of dollars. They donate millions of dollars to both our main political parties ….. and they pay less than 7% tax on their total incomes. To top it off the big foreign banks are very big shareholders of the “Aussie” four.

    The US picture is similar to the Aussie one – just on a far bigger scale. Plus remember – Aussies have been roped into further debt to purchase the US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. We are being taxed to pay interest on money borrowed from the private banks. That money is being transferred straight to the arms industry. Get the picture?

    Debt, Poverty, War – it all goes together – it is the opposite of what we could be enjoying – Abundance, Prosperity, Peace and Freedom. A corrupt tax system facilitates this scandalous abuse of citizens.

    Just to make it clear. Most people in the world could have all their needs for housing, nutrition, sanitation, healthcare, education, retirement funding etc etc etc met with half the amount of work they must currently engage in. It boils down to freedom …. and ours is being stolen so that the crooks can enjoy their lives – free of financial worries, free of taxes, free of the law, free to do almost anything they want.

    You want freedom? You want peace of mind? You want a fair go? Well you’re going to have to fight for it because the crooks and their pollies don’t want you to have any of it. They want you distracted, worried and hungry. They want you chasing a dream that they have programmed for you. One that is unattainable by the vast majority of us without massive debts and worries – regardless of how hard you work.

    The solution begins with reform of banking. The debt based organised crime racket’s time is up. Make noise. Join in. Demand a Sovereign Monetary System. It’s a big change and every nation will need to be involved.

    Time’s running out guys. If you want to be branded, monitored and fleeced like farm animals then continue business as usual.

    The links below and in the comments section fill out the picture regarding Predatory Taxing and about the way we are being ripped off by the collusion and corruption that permeates business, politics and especially – banking.

    >>> Data reveals how much tax major Australian corporations pay –

    >>> The Central Banks Have Engineered This Collapse –

    >>> Cost Of Military Jet Could House Every Homeless Person In U.S. With $600,000 Home –

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