Signing the TPP will be the absolute downfall of Australia.


Free Trade tenticlesThe signing of the TTP will be the absolute downfall of Australia. Say goodbye to Democracy and hello Corpocracy. Our rights will be legislated into oblivion. Say goodbye to changing any laws that will halt the corporate rampage. We wont be allowed to protest anything in-case we cause a law to be changed that will interrupt profit. The government wont be able to afford any resulting court cases.

We still have time. Demand an entrenched Bill of Rights. We, the people, need control of our Nation. Our governments are bought and paid for puppets. Have been for a very long time. Others have tried to get a Bill of Rights through parliament – all have failed.

But we live in extraordinary times.

Never before has there been such urgency to curtail the incessant drive for profit.
Our planet, the very thing upon which we all depend is bare before the law. She has no rights!
The time is now – if people understood the ramifications of having an unentrenched Bill of Rights they would be scared. Even the loudest snorers of the sheople know in their gut that things are spiraling out of control.

A Bill of Rights that puts people and planet first would consolidate so many organisations under one banner.
All encompassing protection in one Law!


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