The Fight Against Dirty Resource Mining

No CSG Narrabri Group
No CSG Narribri Group Nov 2014. (Photo from Lock The Gate Album)

The fight against dirty resource mining is global and it is gaining momentum.  This year has seen a cohesive push from various groups to halt the mining madness that is devastating our planet.

As traditional oil fields start to dry up there has been a boom over the last few years in Natural gas extraction through coal seam mining and shale fracturing.  The push by the mining companies has been relentless and reckless right across the globe and now they are setting their beady little eyes on Australia’s resource wealth.

At any other time in our history they would have got away with it but we are living in extraordinary times. Public awareness of the climatic catastrophe we are facing is forcing unpopular governments who back resource mining into a very tight corner.

Oil prices are plummeting and mining company shares are plunging as more and more people and organisations divest from fossil fuels. Every day new scientific evidence is being presented to confirm what activists have been saying for decades.

We need to leave it in the ground!

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Whether the earth changes being experienced across the globe are man-made or a result of natural processes are, in my humble opinion, irrelevant at this stage.  The changes are taking place now and if we don’t start planning for a different kind of future we are doomed to failure on a scale not experienced by many generations.

Research into the history that has been hidden from us proves that Big Oil has been ‘shutting down’ alternative fuel sources for many, many years.  But now the truth is available and is being actively pursued right across the globe.  I do so hope that when the free energy device is finally cracked that it will be open source and available to all.

You can tell by the laws being enacted right across the globe that the multinationals are tightening their grip.  Their web of interconnections between banking, oil, mining, pharma and Agri make them a formidable opponent and guarantee them the support of any and all governments when it suits their needs.

But the people are pushing back.  Everyday more people are tuning out the main stream media propaganda and seeking a more realistic view of the state of affairs.  Seekers of truth are braving the rabbit hole(s) only to emerge enlightened and with a clearer perspective of the problems we face.

With knowledge comes power.  The power to see thru the lies.  The power to formulate an opinion based upon the truth of facts instead of the truth of politics.

With knowledge comes enlightenment of spirit.  The ability to shrug off the cloak of fear that we have allowed ourselves to be wrapped in.  To stand and bathe our spirits in truth to harden our being for the battle ahead.

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