Wholesale Destruction Of The Great Barrier Reef.


 Our beautiful Great Barrier Reef is worth protecting, but our politicians are allowing major construction to take place there in support of their greedy corporate bed fellows.

What does it take to make these planet killing corporations and governments STOP?

They sit up there in their lofty tower built upon a legal system that is totally open to interpretation.  If you have enough money and influence you win.

The government will throw any amount of tax payer funds at getting their point across regardless the consequences or opinions of the people.  Meanwhile, their mining masters will pull any strings required to get their Abbot Point up and running.

Julie Bishop (I refuse to place her nasty little face upon my page) is the most heartless creature in parliament.  Her current ‘Team Australia mandate’ is to sell resource mining at any cost.  So off she goes to appeal to countries who have resources within their heritage sites to stop our dying Great Barrier Reef from being listed ‘in danger’.

Julie Bishop lobbies nations with heritage sites to block Great Barrier Reef danger call

Julie Bishop steps up lobbying to stop Great Barrier Reef being listed ‘in danger


We need a Bill of Rights to protect our beautiful country and all it holds within.

Rise up Australia.

Demand an ENTRENCHED Bill of Rights.


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