Government and Mining – A Dirty Business in Queensland


The mining industry is turning into a mine field for our nasty, self-serving politicians as years of dodgy dealings and back room hand shakes are coming to the surface.

It’s like an avalanche gaining momentum.

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QCoal’s James Mackay developing environmental policy for Newman Government in Queensland

The head of corporate affairs for a mining company at the centre of an environmental dispute has been in charge of developing policy on the environment for Queensland’s ruling Liberal National Party (LNP) since 2012.

James Mackay
Photo: James Mackay, the corporate affairs manager of mining company QCoal. (ABC News)

LNP donor escapes prosecution after Queensland government backdates law

A donor to Queensland’s Liberal National Party has escaped possible prosecution for unlawful quarrying after a last-minute, unannounced change to the law by Campbell Newman’s government.

Karreman Quarry
Karreman Quarry

Queensland risks running the well dry by gifting water to coal

Among other things, the changes will make it easier for users to access Great Artesian Basin water to support development opportunities — a move that seems squarely aimed at encouraging the massive coal developments planned for the Galilee Basin.

Water reform
Queensland’s cuts to water red tape could leave outback bores high and dry.

Anti-coal groups question timing on New Acland announcement

New Hope Coal has donated more than $700,000 to the state and federal LNP since the 2012 state election in order to get this project approved.

Acland Stage 3

These politicians need to be brought to heel.

They are supposed to be public servants NOT private lap dogs to the ones who offer the biggest bone!

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