Intergenerational Report 2015 – Economic Impacts of Climate Change Ignored

Intergenerational Report and Climate Change
David Pope cartoon from The Canberra Times

What a pack a dirt bags this LNP government is.  They couldn’t give a straight answer to a question if their lives depended on it.

Christine Milne asks why The Intergenerational Report ignores climate change and LNP mouth Mathias Cormann spouts the usual gibberish answer.

If the ruling party members were actually paid based upon their performance they would all be broke – complete and utter waste of oxygen – perhaps we should tax them on their CO2 emmissions with all the hot air they spout!

Senator Milne asked “Why is there no acknowledged or costed impact of global warming on economic sustainability out to 2055”

Senator Cormans reply “We, on this side, believe in strong economic outcomes and strong environmental outcomes and We believe that those objectives are actually complementary”

Really?  Really?

Coal seam gas mining and farming complementary?

Ripping up prime agricultural land for open cut coal mining is a strong environmental outcome?

Risking the Great Barrier Reef so we can export more coal, that nobody wants, is a strong economic and environmental outcome?

Clinging onto the dying fossil fuel industry so that we end up with stranded assets is a strong economic outcome?

What planet do these mongrels live on?

Whether you want to call it Climate Change or Global Warming is up to you.  You can blame the Sun or you can blame Mankind.  Also up to you.  What you shouldn’t ignore is that serious changes are taking place on our planet and when it comes to climate and/or Mother Nature we are but fleas on the back of the beast.

To have a government, at this critical time, that denies the problems we are facing is just farcical.

If you rely on mainstream news to show you the truth about global weather events you will be waiting a long time.

Search the web and do your own research – there are many sites that are connecting the dots and the picture they are presenting is bloody frightening.

I have been following Hawkkey Davis Channel for quite a while now.  Go spend a few hours experiencing the catastrophes that have occurred all over the world just in the last year.

Then ask yourself just how relevant the statistics presented in this years Intergenerational Report really are?





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