Commendation to Lock The Gate


Non-profit organisations such as Lock The Gate act as a counter balance to the headlong dash of progress.They represent the morality of our civilization.

Rally for The Future 21 May 2015 Outside QLD Parliament.Rally for the Future.  Outside QLD Parliament Thurday 21st May 2015
I take offence at the article: Aggressive protest groups are claiming healthy tax breaks and should be stripped of charity status says mining industry which was originally published by the Daily Telegraph as The activists who claim tax breaks, and then re-published by on May 29th 2015.

To say that LTG is an aggressive green group is misleading, completely inaccurate and designed to turn public opinion against organisations who stand against the wanton destruction of our heritage.

For this reason I submitted the following commendation to Lock The Gate for submission to the House of Representatives Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations.

Lock The Gate is a well respected organisation within the community. It has been instrumental in preventing the headlong dash of mining into prime agricultural land and in the process has built an alliance of non-violent PROTECTORS from all walks of life who will no longer roll over for big business and bear witness to the destruction of land and property.

From my own experience with LTG I can say they have been invaluable in the formation of our new group.

  • They have provided education and training to ensure that the correct information is being disseminated.
  • They have set us up with a stall kit which we pay back by selling merchandise that helps raise public awareness.
  • They provide representation when and where required and make every effort to ensure we are conducting ourselves in a seemly manner.
  • They have a code of conduct which allows them to remain apolitical and focused on the mission of uniting communities against inappropriate mining.
  • It should be noted here that LTG is an alliance of smaller groups spread out cross the country. The LTG organisation itself cannot be held responsible for individual actions within these alliance groups.

On a person basis LTG has given me strength to stand against the wrongs I see happening all around us. By becoming involved in this critical fight to protect our lands I have come to realise that one person can make a difference but it takes many people to enact serious change.

Non-profit organisations, such as Lock The Gate, stand as a counter balance to the headlong dash of progress. They represent the morality of our civilisation. As the dominant species on the planet we have a responsibility as Earth custodians to take care of her. For far too long our society has turned a blind eye to the ugly side of our civilisation, but the time has come where ignorance is no excuse and the sins of our technology and consumerism need to be exposed and eliminated.

Please don’t take their non-profit status away. The planet requires that we change our ways. Without organisations such as LTG our future is very bleak.

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