Earth Changes VS Infrastructure. Guess Who Wins


Coming Earth Changes

Are we experiencing Climate Change or Earth Change?

Is it getting hotter or colder?

Is man causing these changes or are we entering a new cycle in the life of our planet?

Instead of fighting over who is to blame for the changes being experienced all over the planet I would think coming up with practical solutions to future problems would be forefront in everyone’s conscience.

Instead we are witnessing a kind of quickening:

  • Corporate polluters are frantically extracting the maximum amount of profit out of their, soon to be stranded, assets before the axe falls on their environmental nightmare.
  • Trade Treaties are being ‘fast-tracked’ by Corporate America in an attempt to shore up the diminishing dollar while our IMF debt driven (fiat currency) economy teeters on the edge of a chasm.
  • Military posturing and strategic positioning is evidenced across the globe.  ‘War games’ are not for practice anymore.  They are borderline hostile with the intent to provoke.
  • And the common man on the street is, for the most part, oblivious to the machinations of their overlords.  Lost to the entrancement of mass media propaganda designed to keep them in their comfort zone while the world goes to hell around them.

Climate ElephantAnd all the while everyone is ignoring the elephant in the room.

Flooding, landslides, sinkholes, tornadoes, storm surges, unseasonable temperature variations, earthquakes, volcanoes and wild fires are undermining the very infrastructure that our modern society relies upon.


If you only watch the MSM then I’m sure your cocoon of normality is only slightly cracked. Trust me when I tell you, MSM is not showing you the big picture. Below is a compilation of weather events that have happened around the world over the last couple of months.



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