Is knowledge power?


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For the 2nd time in recent history, Queenslanders, pissed off with the way we’re being treated by our government, have decided (by landslide) that we will NOT tolerate idiots running our state and making the rules!

First we fire the ALP that sold us out to mining, incurred us massive debt whilst solving few existing problems… only to hire the other choice being the LNP and that turned into a tyrant fest of rights violations whilst still increasing debt, mining expansion and other agenda’s continuing as normal.

Our last trip to the poles showed our distrust in politicians with neither side of the 2 main parties winning the majority of our votes, and somehow we end up with ALP controlling our way of life again, prices still go up, debt still increases, the mining and other agenda’s continue. So I guess this means we do in fact still tolerate idiots.. What to do.. hmmm…?

We at Savvy Up have decided to publish our observations and opinions in an effort to attract gatherings of similar minds to see what changes we can effect lawfully and collectively for the people starting locally.

One main focus of our group is the discussion of the nature and qualities of power. We also talk on the decision of the bulk of us to entrust a few of us with the power to shape our State and Nation and the standard of living we experience as the result.

History has always shown whoever has the most money and biggest stick rules the world.  The stories we share and resources we lead you to will show this in abundance.

What is equally curious is that our own 1901 Annotated Australian Constitution defines “absolute power” as the “will of the bulk of the people” as known and experienced by King James II (p.365). So what history is true?

We are endeavouring to find that out, by sharing this knowledge and the ideas that come from this shared knowledge, if humanity can finally find a better way of co existing where everyone wins including our Earth and not just a chosen few :)

Thank you for joining us

Till next month

Troy Cottrell








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