Action FAW Brisbane

Action FAW Brisbane logo-04Action FAW Brisbane was formed by a group of Brisbane locals in response to Lock The Gate campaign:

Communities in Action

Faced with the extraordinary capture of our governments by the mining industry and enmeshed in a struggle against many of the largest companies in the world, communities have chosen grace under fire and displayed incredible courage, integrity and imagination. Against all the odds people are taking back their power and peacefully building the greatest social movement this country has ever seen.
From the far flung expanses of Central Queensland to inner city Sydney, from the verdant northern rivers to the western plains, from one end of this vast continent to the other, we are witnessing an historic coalition of farmers and conservationists, of lawyers and doctors, of students and retirees who have been united by their deep love of this country.
Together, they are saying that enough is enough, that it has gone too far and now it is time to put the future first, to protect what we have for generations to follow and to build a new democracy that has people rather than profits at its heart.

Here are just a few stories about the many communities:

Our farmers need our help to raise public awareness of the inappropriate mining invasion that is taking place just outside of our collective awareness.

The advertising by the mining companies paint themselves as being saviours of the state.

The TRUTH is the exact opposite.

  • Farmers are being pushed off their land.
  • Whole communities are experiencing health issues that can only be ascribed to mining practices.
  • Water is being contaminated by toxic chemicals and methane leakage.
  • Earthquakes are being experienced in the vicinity of shale gas frack wells.

These are all inclusive in the ‘mining package’!

Action FAW Brisbane welcomes all new members and will also gladly assist in setting up other local groups that we can network with.

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