No COALboolture


Responding to our farmers

Call to Country

by raising public awareness regarding the tragedy happening in rural Australia.

Our farmers are under attack!

Severe Drought
Coal Seam Gas Invasion
Bank Foreclosures

are forcing many farmers off their land.

This is a nasty insidious agenda by our government(s) and BIG business to open up the rich lands for resource extraction.

 Insidious - adjective
 1. characterised by treachery or slyness; crafty; wily
 2. operating in a slow or not easily apparent manner; more
 dangerous than seems evident: an insidious disease.

Why is this insidious?

Because our government(s) and the resource sector are hand in hand making policy and manipulating legislation in favour of mining to the detriment of the rights of the people.

Drought is a natural occurrence and we have the technology to pipe water inland to stave off drought conditions. But do we do that? No. Instead we help finance the infrastructure (pipes) required for mining and we give mining unlimited access to the precious ground water which has caused the bore levels for farming to drop to critical levels. But mining is so gracious. Here you can use our filtered waste water for irrigation. Yay! Lets add some more toxic crap to the food chain. I feel sicker already just thinking about it.

And then there are the Bank foreclosures.  The lowest of the low.  These vulture banks hover in the background just waiting for the profitable time to strike.  The dirty legal tricks the banks employ to steal the land and destroy peoples lives is beyond deplorable.

It’s not just our farmers who are threatened:

  • Aboriginal land protections are being removed. Sacred sites, some containing ancient rock art are being destroyed. Whole aboriginal communities are being forced to relocate under the pretense that it is too expensive to keep supporting them. And as soon as they are off the mining companies will move in.
  • State forests are being plundered. All in the name of economic prosperity. Wildlife is being displaced at an alarming rate. Some species in the Pilliga Forest are now under threat.
  • The Great Barrier Reef is deteriorating fast. So what does our Goverment(s) do? They OK the Adani Project comprising of the enormous Carmichael Mine, a new coal railway line and extensive expansion to the port at Abbot Point. Surely anyone with a rational brain would know that heavy commercial traffic will have an enormous affect on the health of the Reef – and that’s after we have dredged the @#&! out of it during construction.
  • And make no mistake, THIS IS HAPPENING ALL OVER THE WORLD. Different Governments, same policies, same Big business(s) with their dirty little fingers in everything!

So ask yourself:

Who will feed us once our prime agricultural land is stripped and poisoned?

What will we drink when our precious water is contaminated?

Where will we live once our land is sold off to private, foreign interests?

Who will have the last say in legal battles once the TPP is signed and our sovereign rights are removed?

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