Farm Foreclosures – The dirty rules banks play by.

Crikey 7 March 2014 – For farmers, drought not the most dangerous predator on the horizon. His contention is that when swathes of country are drought-stricken, banks don’t foreclose on every over-stretched loan, because this would jeopardise real estate prices. Instead, he believes prime rural properties — those with drought-resistant incomes — are targeted for bank loan enforcement because of their superior resale potential during a drought.

SBS 10 November 2014 – Farmer Suicide In Queensland.  Sixty per cent of Queensland is in drought, and farmers are facing the prospect of losing their livelihood in order to pay back crippling debts. Jeannette Francis spent a week in far north Queensland where farmers are now taking their own lives at a staggering rate.

SBS 3 December 2014 – Foreclosures take away farmers’ properties, livelihoods.  Lee Wallace is about to lose his farm and livestock in a foreclosure, and his case is not unique in Northern Queensland.

ABC Rural 8 December 2014 – Queensland graziers make their ‘last stand’ on rural debt crisis.  More than 250 graziers, industry leaders and politicians are meeting in western Queensland today, to tackle what has been described as a looming ‘rural debt crisis.’

Savvy Up – 8 December 2014 – An Open Letter To The Australian People. The following post came across my fb page today. It is written by Dr David Pascoe BVSc phD OVH Repro.  What is happening in our rural communities is beyond disgraceful. Our farmers are being made refugees in their own country

The North West Star 11 December 2014 – ANZ halts drought farm foreclosures.  THE ANZ Bank has put a halt to forcing drought-stricken North West graziers from their properties for the next year.  The change of heart comes after the banks copped a barrage of criticism from under-pressure graziers and angry leaders.

South 11 December 2014 – Private Bill To Target Farm Foreclosures.  Queensland Nationals Senator Barry O’Sullivan says he has begun seeking support from his parliamentary colleagues for a Private Senator’s Bill that would stop major rural lenders from enforcing penalty interest rates and foreclosing on drought impacted farmers.

ABC Rural 12 December 2014 – Other banks fail to follow ANZ moratorium on farm foreclosures in drought-hit regions of Queensland and NSW.  The ANZ Bank will introduce a 12-month moratorium on forced farm sales in areas of crippling drought throughout Queensland and New South Wales.  But the National Australia and Commonwealth Banks have fallen short of matching ANZ’s pledge

The Land 17 March 2015 – Receivers in farm foreclosure fracas.  A heated incident over farm foreclosure and repossession may result in Western Australian police pressing legal charges against protagonists.

The Weekly times 19 March 2015 – Wheat farm repo tactics trigger farming backlash for banks.  A WEST Australian grain grower has been left traumatised, a community is outraged and a hire car is missing after police were forced to intervene when receivers appoint­ed by the ANZ Bank tried to forcibly repossess a wheat farm.

Farm Weekly 30 Mar 2015 – Receivers defend foreclosure procedure.  RSM Bird Cameron has hit back at claims over a recent farm foreclosure procedure, saying its representatives were “at all times professional”.

Farm Online 13 April 2015 – WA foreclosure fallout on social media.  Coverage of foreclosure tensions at two farming properties in Western Australia’s southern wheat belt on 60 Minutes has come under fire on social media.

60 Minutes – Fighting Back. Imagine being kicked out of your own home with no warning. The locks changed. All your treasured belongings and memories trapped inside. That’s what is happening to thousands of families across the country as the big banks threaten and bully them into submission

Sydney Morning Herald 9 May 2015 – Farmers in crisis as the banks close in.  Drought, floods, heat … our famously tough farmers face many foes. But for many, dealing with banks has proved the greatest catastrophe of all.