Rabbit Hole 101

The Rabbit Hole.  It’s a real head job!

The enormity of the crimes that have been perpetuated against the peoples of the earth are staggering.

The enormity of the climate calamity that faces us is terrifying.

How do we turn it around?

First you have to understand how we got to this point.  Then you have to get angry enough to make a difference.

Rabbit Hole 350x304

Welcome to reality.

Red Pill

 Taking the red pill will ensure you never see the world through corporate tainted glasses again.

Taking the red pill will give you the inner strength to stand up for something that is vitally important – our future.


As you can see from the list below below there are a multitude of entry points.  Choose one that interests you.  It doesn’t matter which one you take.  They will all ultimately lead you to the same conclusion.

Don’t rely on my opinions and conclusions.  I’m still on my journey too.  Do your own research.  The state of the world proves that we don’t learn from past mistakes.  It’s a bit like politics where we keep electing the same corrupt politicians hoping that somehow this time they wont screw us over…stupid!

Here is a list to get you started.  Search anyone of these and get ready for the truth.