The Duality Of Our Problem

Humanity is being assaulted from two sides.  Natural and Man-Made.  The two are intertwined.  As The Corporate Beast rapes and pillages the Earths bounty the devastation left behind is taking its toll.  The gulf stream has been altered which has affected ocean temperatures which in turn has disrupted the weather patterns.  We have no seasons any more.  Crops are failing.

It’s a great big knock-on effect.

We are past the tipping point and anyone who tells you different is either brain dead or lying to you!

Duality Poem

The Awakening is Real

Over the last few years the internet has enabled a cross reference of research that has never occurred before in history. Information that has previously been kept cloistered is now available to anyone who is willing to put in the hours to find and digest it.

What has emerged from all these wonderful researchers painstaking work is a picture of global manipulation and corruption in the highest levels of Governments and Corporate Powers.

A deep anger is beginning to surge around the world. People demanding answers to questions that have long been swept under the carpet.

I’m a Caravaner And Proud Of It!

I have been a member of Caravan to Midnight since it started in Feb 2014.  I was a big fan of John B. Wells when he was hosting Saturday nights on that other show.  When he got ‘let go’ at the beginning of the year it was a no-brainer for me to follow.  Not being a Woo Woo person either I’m with John on this.  Show us solid evidence of a Bigfoot then we’ll talk.  Not saying they aren’t out there but I think there are a few more pressing issues that deserve our collective energies.

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